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K20 swapped 370z which ecu???

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I'm trying to decide between the aem infinity and the haltech elite 1500.

I recently sold my turbo kit of my 370z and started on the 1st k swapped 370z but trying to find the best ecu for the money... shooting for 900ish hp..

Hello Bryan

my personal preference would be the Link G4X they will all do the job but support would be a major advantage I see

Regards Ross

What transmission are you planning to use, if you have some form of auto', does it have an electronic control to account for? Staged power adders in the future?

I'd suggest making a list of the things you MUST have, things you definitely won't need, and things it would be nice to have for possible future use. When you've done that you should start looking at your options - shopping by price can often be a lot more expensive than paying a little extra right at the start if it doesn't do what you end up wanting it to do.

To add to what Ross said, what are the 'shops you may take it to for tuning using - if it's something they're familiar with they're less likely to make mistakes or have you paying for their learning curve.

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