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K20Z4 Supercharger

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Hello everyone, New tuner here just getting started.

A friend of mine has a stock Civic Fn2 Type R with a rotrex supercharger kit he is pushing 0.9 bar above atmosphere.He's is very unhappy with the previous tuner and i will be tuning he's vehicle from scratch.I do have the right instruments to work on.( Wideband-LM-2 and Plex tuning monitor) . The problem is as i saw the ignition map it has holes and needs smoothing also it has a timing of 27.3 degree at WOT .So my question is isn't that too much of the timing ? and should i interpolate by columns for smoothing ?

I also heard that the K engines are not knock limited because of the design style of the combustion chamber.

Will be my first car to tune:)

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I'm a new tuner also but I'll try to help where I can.

If you're tuning this from scratch then a load bearing dyno is going to be your best friend. Each cell of the ignition table can be tested under load to see what the optimal spark advance is.

If the tune is bad I wouldn't smooth out someone else's mistakes. You probably need to adjust it correctly yourself.

The training avaible on this site will guide you to making it happen properly!

Thanks Joel , also forgot to mention the engine is running on unleaded 98 octane fuel.

98 octane in Cyprus = 93 octane in the USA (approximately) for USA readers.

OP do you have a datalog of a WOT pull and a datalog of the problems the your friend has? What is his complaint. As for "holes and smoothing" yes you want it smooth as a general principle. HOWEVER things can get weird with variable valve timing as you switch cam profiles (VTEC turns) or phase the intake cam (cam angle changes). I like to give tuners the benefit of the doubt (innocent until proven guilt). There could be a legitimate reason for some of the dips.

Also, keep in mind that the CAM angle and the Spark are two different things. The CAM angle is normal on a lot of setups (maybe not all) to not be "smooth." The reason at WOT is due to pulsation effects in the intake and exhaust manifolds. Sometimes you get better volumetric efficiency with an unexpected cam angle choice ("un smooth" areas), due to manifold runner length or the grind of the cam.

At part throttle, the cam angle can have "islands" of cam advance (seen on the low lift cam angle map). This is used on stock maps for fuel economy and emissions. For example, the cam angle low map at 3000rpm in low MAP area, that could be more advanced cam angle because the engine will tolerate more internal EGR for fuel economy without misfiring.

Have you compared his maps to the 100% completely stock maps that come with the ECU from the factory? Have you made a detailed study of what the tuner changed and why?

Yes i did, i do have a datalog of a fourth gear . As compared to a stock map from hondata for a forced induction the timing is way less.As for a 100% the timing is approximately up there . I know that you can't smooth a cam angle table sorry for not mentioning that it was meant for the ignition map only . As for the holes and smoothing it was my opinion because i had read that you shouldn't have spikes at 2D and the lines should not interpolate other lines.

Also from the datalog i saw knock of up to 90 % but hondata says it's a wrong comunication with the flashpro device

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