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knock detection equipment.

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Hi All,

I know that knock detection sensor is quite important for tuner.

However, as a newcomer I am a bit concern about purchase the knock detection system which use headphone to listen to knock.

Such as knock box (

So I am looking to the system like

which, to my understanding, detect and give visual alarm on screen.

Do you have any experience with this system or similar?

Is it good for beginner or should I try to use the knock box and learn to listen to knock?


I will probably get shot down over this but the diy copper pipe in to a set of head phones works very very well I know a lot of tuners use it and I find it very very affective , I had a ks pro and sold it after making my own as I found it a lot more affective

See my thread ive just made. cheers

I am a big fan of the PLEX V2. Audio output, LED output, graphing capability, per cylinder detection and more.

I have used something similar to what ChrisCCM has shown and it works a treat, personally I have used home made electrical knock monitors, the Link G4 Knock block and am currently using the Phormula KS4-Pro.

The KS4 is a great piece of kit and would highly recommend it but if budget is an issue then go down the route of the copper tube, it does work and is sometimes easier to install than the electronic types.