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hi guys so i have a set of electronic knock cans and a link knockblock ive been trying to get my subaru wrx to knock using both kits at from 2000 rpm to 3500rpm at various loads upto maybe 120kpa from 10 degrees right through to 60 reason being to hear for myself what it sounds like so i know when am hearing it i know its knock. i know how it sounds from recordings but ive not heard it for myself

ive heard mixed debates from tuners that i should hear it at this level and some say at this level you wont hear it also that the kits am using are wideband sensors and are not tuned to the frequency of this engine and thats its going to be impossible to hear it , (so the kits are pointless)?

so is it possible that this engine just will not knock at this level?

also is it true that as an example the link knock block will pick up all engine knock from all engines even though its listening on a wideband sensor that can be heard with a headset

hello, i use the link knock block and find it very good on all cars. I use the kits donut style sensors. you will find knock at low rpm may be hard to pick up as it is really barely ever knock there on a lot of engines, I tend to test at 4-4500 rpm as this gives a better starting point to find knock easier on most engines that are knock limited, if you watch some of the videos on knock set up you will see in a scale of 1-1000 1 being low knock noise level and 1000 being loud that below 3000 rpm there is not often any significant noise change and you would generally see approx 40 on the level and the higher the rpm from there the louder the engine noise gets up to approx 850, a good way to learn is to log the knock level without letting it retard any timing and add more timing using both what you see in the logging and your ears help you learn. i have never used knock cans.

i hope this helps

thanks for the reply Ross, i guess am just worried why am not hearing anything that's probably not there(its not gonna knock) but i expected it to thinking its me at fault, i have the link knock block so i will play around with your advice and practice more at higher rpms

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