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hi, anyone could share any top 5 tools for monitor or listen knock tools?



I bought a Gizmo knock unit, it had a good write up but i found it was just not that good.

I know use a Link Knock block and have done for years, this works well.

I am going to buy the Plex knock system.This has good reports but i've not used one yet.

The Link G4+ Fury has built in knock and Wide band so this is what i have for my car, Supra 2JZ

from my experience

Plex Tuning is the best,you just want to get used for the audio filters

Link Knock Block



i have tried haltech once and it seems good.

I don't have a top list of tools.. but I have had a very bad time trying to source a set of knock detection headsets. Every web source I've looked at are out of stock. Found one that offered link knock block, ordered it.. 4 weeks later they email me saying they were canceling my order and returned my money..

I've used the Plex, Link G4 Knock Block, Gizzmo K Mon and Knock Box. Here's some thoughts:

1. Plex - Easily the top of my list. Clear and easy to hear knock plus with the advanced features of individual cylinder knock detection and a visual display. It is however very expensive.

2. Link G4 Knock Block - This was my main knock detection system for about 5 years. Great value for money but the harness and connector are not up to professional use and will require replacement frequently. Sadly it's currently discontinued but may be brought back.

3. Gizzmo K Mon - I'll start by saying I only ever tested a beta version so they may (hopefully) have improved the unit. The beta unit however was complete garbage - You'd have as much luck hearing knock by sticking your head in the engine bay.

4. The Knock Box - this is an Australian product that I used before the Link G4 Knock Block. It's a solid option and worked really well. Not quite as advanced in cancelling noise perhaps as the Knock Block but very good value for money.

There is also the Phormula unit which I haven't personally used but other members on here have had good results with.

I started using a Phormula ks pro and found it useless , could hear nothing apart from engine noise , I now use old school cooper pipe in to ear defenders and I find I can hear even very slight knock , il be looking in to a link knock block soon

Alright thank guys for honest and share your experience. I hope this helps others too . cheers

i have a Phormula unit still in box, and was wondering if to sell it and get the Plex.

I have used the Plex Knock Monitor for some time now, and although it is generally a great product, there are some limitations/issues. The guys at Plex is very service minded and always reply emails. They have announced that a new release of firmware and software will solve most of the issues I've experienced.

- There is no way to mount the unit onto a windcreen, but a good tip from Andre was to use a GoPro mount.

- The unit does not cope with multi spark ignition system. The BMW S1000RR use multi spark up to 4000rpm, and the unit will display a very high rpm when multi spark is active.

- Although you can select rpm range 2-9000, 4-11000 and 7-14000, it will always be 2-9000 regardless of what you select.

- The instruction manual is only available online, so you need a internet connection to read it. (It is probably possible to download it, but I haven't figured out how.)

- The PC-software is easy to use, but you can't do everything from the software. Setting up the threshold curve for example. (So using it with a engine dyno room means that you have to walk between the control room and dyno room...)

- Using the unit on a noisy engine (like a high revving motorcycle engine) will overwhelm the unit's audio system, and you will hear a crackling sound on higher rpms. (rendering the unit useless).

My conclusion is that the Knock Monitor works great on car engines (without multi spark), and not so good on motorcycle engines (yet). I'm really looking forward to the new firmware and software release. I thrust that the guys at Plex will pull it off :)

I have a brand new Link Knock Block unused whcih is surplus to our requirements. If anyone is interested in it, let me know.

Chrisccm, how did you have your Phormula wired up? I've tried a few different configurations and found the way in the manual to be the worst. I run the sensor to the audio box then the splitter on the headphone side going to the headphones and the KS-4 unit, this allows me to hear everything and also use lower gain numbers on the KS-4.

I only had a ks pro so had no other way I could wire it up , the ks4 might be a good call , something for me to look in too

While we are on the topic, I was looking at getting the plex knock mon.

Just wondering if the dual sensor version is worth the extra cost?

I'm guessing it would be desirable for V6's and V8's?

Many years ago, when some of these systems didn't even exist, I was having a casual conversation with a representative from Pectel. During our talks about knock detection, he was explaining how and why the copper tube/rubber hose method was still such a viable force to be reckoned with when it came to determining knock. After all these years, I've never tried it, but still hear it brought up on numerous occasions whenever knock detection is being talked about. I embrace technology of course, but how accurate is the tube/hose method? Is it by today's standards obsolete? Can it be used to test certain aspects of these newer systems like accuracy, proper filtering, etc.?

Mr lee I'm not joking I can hear very very light knock with a cooper tube and head phones , it works very well imo I'm not saying it's as good as the new stuff out there but it works well and costs next to nothing to make , give it a go some day u might be surprised

I've only ever used the copper tube method once and it was very clear, you could even distinguish the tickling sound of the pre-det very clearly

I am interested in buying a knock tool /I see msel has one for sale , but don't know how to contact him , anyone help thanks dwayne

You can contact MSEL on 09 525 2991 or sales@msel.co.nz.

@Viper to be perfectly honest I seldom use both inputs on our V2 knock monitor. It is nice having the ability to do so if you wish however even on a v6/v8 I find that a single sensor mounted to the block is very effective.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, yet I wanted to see if anyone else is using this much cheaper solution? and what they think of it:


Im using it. I have a Phormula kit too but just use TKM now.

There is also a "Pro" version coming in not to long where you get hardware to log rpm, boost, and afr along knock (should you choose to).

I too am currently using Phormula KS-4 + Pro on my Skylines but have been looking at the 'Tuner Knock Monitor' software, it would be especially useful as I have mounted a Windows 10 pc into the dash of my GTR so I could have it as a permanent visual aid.

I went to purchase it but paypal stated

"By clicking Agree and Continue I confirm that I want to use Visa x-**** for my current and future purchases with Gumroad. I authorise Gumroad to charge my PayPal account for such purchases and I instruct PayPal to pay such amounts. I understand this lets me check out faster by not having to log in to PayPal to complete my purchase"

I may be reading that wrong but I didn't feel comfortable agreeing to 'further purchases'

I also could not find any update from the seller since his facebook update around May when it stated they were testing the hardware option.

Does the seller post updates somewhere that I can view other than Facebook?


I am actually one of the testers for his stuff and can vouch for him (not that you know ME either tho...). Got to know him from early on in this project when i volunteered as a tester. Dont have any economical benefits from this. I just like it...

That fb page of him is pretty slow, i agree. But there are updates pretty frequently and we get email notifications when they are out.

Go on the "guild of efi tuners" on facebook (thats actually Andre Simons page) and search up Don Perry. Read through his posts or just send him a PM.

That is great info.


EDIT: Just purchased the software, with my KS-4 permanently mounted, my Link G4+ logging and this software...I should be pretty safe lol

have you got the knock protection set up on your G4+ Edward?

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