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Knock on IDLE and light throttle

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HI guys, I have a jeep SRT with 6.1 V8 supercharged using a Vortech blower.

I am having a few issues with knock retard, its pulling upto 7 degrees when under light throttle load. I have logged it using HP Tuners and have attached the log here, the tune hasn't changed in months and I have just replaced the Knock Sensor on bank 1.

I notice it also has knock on idle which leads me to believe its false knock but not to sure.

Any ideas how to check ?



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surly that has to be a faulty knock sensor ? if nothing has changed in the map. or can you actually hear it knocking ?

Can you export the log to .csv format?

where is the knock sensor located on that car? Is it touching the block or something else its not supposed to? For example newer Fords have you position them so the rear portion of the sensor is close to but not touching the sides of the block valley.

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FIxed it, the knock sensor had a dodgey wiring fix so now its perfect.

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