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Knock setup link g4+ and factory ej20 knock sensor

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Hey guys,

I'm in need of a little guidance as to how to set up the factory knock sensor on the ej20 to read on the link G4+. As the ecu I'm using is a plug and play, I thought that the knock sensor would come up as an AN input like the other sensors in the factory loom, but it doesn't seem to be. I have watched the webinar regarding setting up the knock parameters, and I don't think ill have too much difficulty with that once I have a sensor connected to the ecu. The stock sensor is definitely plugged into the stock loom, and I had that knock sensor working well when I previously had a Power FC on the car. Currently I'm relying on my aftermarket audio sensor while tuning, but I do need another one to datalog through the ecu.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated


Or do I just turn Knock Mode to Knk Internal and that will get an input from the factory knock sensor?

I just recently learned this as well

It does NOT come up as an input. you set it to knckInternal, and then you need to set up all of your thresholds and what not. it does not come pre set up. What i did with the sr20det i was working on, is to set up a gauge for cylinder 1, 2, 3, and 4. Then, rev the car at like 2k rpm and observe the knock levels(its not knocking, just engine noise) and populate your table in that spot with numbers a bit higher than what you've seen (for now). They do explain it in the help files for the g4+ software. You basically need to populate your table with what the ecu will know to differentiate as engine noise, and anything over those numbers will be "knock". You can then tell it what to do when knock occurs with the other settings. Im still getting my head around this, so thats what i know for now!

The picture ive added is an example of my starting point. in that rev range i was getting knock numbers of around 180 just free revving. and since i know this is engine noise, i set it a bit higher (as they discuss in the manual)

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