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Lamborghini Gallardo aftermarket ECU as a piggy back

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So as an initial disclaimer I am not looking for a how to here or exact advice on this process. Rather, I am wanting confirmation that my general approach isn't crazy and that there are not better routes to take.

3 years ago I picked up a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo Egear that was in pieces. The previous owner got rid of the car mid build and I got a roller with a room full of parts. I got the motor built and the compression lowered to 9:1 for the eventual turbo kit that I planned on building for it. The car now is up and driving with a completely factory setup (minus the built motor and a Tubi exhaust system). Quite the learning process assembling a Lambo from scratch.

I plan to break the engine in this fall and then take everything back apart this winter and fab up a turbo kit for it. The big name shops are charging WAY to much for these kits IMO. So once the turbo kit is built I am left with one obstacle, how to tune the damn thing lol. With it being an E-gear car there aren't a lot of plug in play options that are remotely reasonable price wise.

So what I am considering doing is the following:

Grabbing an AEM infiniti or a new Haltech if they ever release anything that controls a V10.

Using a volt meter and finding which wires are going to ignition / injectors and giving those to the aftermarket ECU. I will also feed the aftermarket ECU a Home / Trigger signal, AIT, MAP and widebands etc.

At that point I was going to build base fuel maps and ignition maps out and let the factory ECU do its thing with E-Gear, the dash and all other misc functions but hi jack what I need with the aftermarket ECU and control spark / fuel / boost with it. I am aware that the factory ECU has multiple ignition maps for lots of different conditions and I would be giving that up but I don't think that they are necessary. I am also not going after anything crazy from a power standpoint. 700-800 on 83 with a safe tune. This will be intended to be a fun street car and thats all. I also have access to my own dyno so I can spend whatever time needed getting everything dialed in really sharp without eating tons of rental hours.

Is this a very oversimplified unrealistic approach to a problem like this?

Anyone know of simpler options?

Any helpful comments, suggestions, advice are appreciated.



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Although it wouldnt be impossible to do a piggyback, it will be far more challenging than you first think to get around all the E-throttle safety systems and things like CAN bus throttles, gear shift torque reduction etc. Also because you wont have full control of some of the fundimentals there will be many annoying consequences such as poor/no idle control etc (The Gen 1 Gallardo has CAN bus controlled throttles).

You would be far better off looking at something like this to give you full control - it will still be a steep learning curve though: https://www.syvecs.com/product/lamborghini-gallardo-lp520/

If you want to keep the e-gear then I'd agree with Adam - get a plug n play option to suit as you'll pull your hair out trying to make everything work.

You could consider swapping to the manual transaxles that the early Gallardos came out with as this would greatly simplify the ECUs requirements (from what I understand they're also much more reliable than the early e-gear boxes too). You'll likely find you still have CAN messaging to other components in the car such as the ABS and gauge cluster though which might cause you some problems.

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