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large surging idle

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Can anyone look at this and give me some pointers

start the car idle surges wildly, it will eventually get steady if you hold open the throttle

ive cut the over and under by half

messed idle timing

anything i can think of ive tried

this is an ls7 with large cam make 650 rear wheel

it does this hot or cold

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its hard to tell as there is not enough channels in the datalog,

but i see your tps is above 20% which might not allow the car to idle and and you have high base running airflow in your tune not sure if you need that much.

your commanded afr is at 11 and your fuel trim is -20%, and you are running maf only tune in a cammed car which might make it even worse.

there is alot of work to be done, set your are dynamic back to stock, tune your fuel for both maf and vve, then check your idle air flow for a start.

Its on e85

but i just found out he replaced a manifold that had a huge vacuum leak sense it was tuned on dyno

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