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Left foot braking on a non-load dynojet?

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Without having access to a load bearing dyno, I was wondering if anyone has ever considered doing steady state tuning on a dynojet by using left foot braking technique to hold the car at a steady RPM.

This might be a bad idea, but just wondering why it couldn't work as a safer way to tune the lower RPM (say up to 5k) portions of the fuel map.

Those dynos wont measure tractive effort on stady state so it wont work. They only meassure acceleration. Usless pos

Thanks Kickerz.. I meant it more for the purpose of tuning the fuel tables; not for finding MBT. Just seems like it could be an alternative to road tuning that's perhaps a bit safer and faster.

Has anyone tried this?

I would take street tuning over a dynojet any day (=

I think for sure if you did left foot braking enough to do steady state in a worth while amount, the brakes would be toast and rotors be warped (=

I would not recommend doing this, as you'll overheat the brakes pretty quickly.

I've done exactly this and it was less than successful. As KG mentions above, you're going to put a lot of heat into the brakes and you have little to no airflow across them (as you would on the road) to get rid of that heat. Road tuning is superior for what you're trying to do I'm afraid.

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