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Link ECU .... no igniton advance

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Posted this in the wrong section I think so thought I'd try posting it in General Tuning ... along with some extra information.

Not that familiar with Link stuff and have a strange problem. Application is a Ford 5.0 HO ... it runs but there is no ignition advance (as per main ignition table). Base timing setup seems fine, static timing is set at 10 degrees .... zero offset required (its running the original Ford distributor) and triggers are taken from its PIP signal, ignition output from G4 is feed into SPOUT.

The problem is there is no advance at all seen at the engine .... all we get is 10 degrees regardless of rpm although at the same time the Link software on the computer is showing the ignition timing moving around on the main ignition table to around 22-24 degrees but the timing light still shows 10.

One odd thing .... ignition output is always labelled "off" on screen ..yet the engine runs? Have searched thru the menus but can't find any option to turn it on ... it appears to be locked and unchangeable?

I am sure I have missed something basic here but haven't found an info to point me in the right direction ... any thoughts/info appreciated.

ECU is a Link G4+ Atom II

Additional Information - Ignition is set to distributor, spark edge is set to rising but have tried falling as well ... it ran but it wasn't happy, both triggers are set to rising but have tried falling as well which made no noticeable difference nor did turning trigger pullups being on or off, rechecked how it is wired again.

Factory setups have a removable jumper plug on the SPOUT wire and to check base timing you remove that jumper ... which of course disables any ignition advance/retard from the ECU. It is behaving exactly like like ... no advance signal from the ECU so it stays at base timing ???

I believe the spark edge must be set to rising for the tfi system. If that doesn’t make it behave correctly I suggest you get in touch with us directly (tech@linkecu.com) for the quickest help.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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