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Link ecu traction control

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Hello Andre I was looking in the traction control option in the Link ecu .and my question is if using ground base launch control .from 0 to 60kph in 1 gear .and traction control mode is active.will both work or launch base ground control don't need to be use use in this case .because the traction control will be doing almost the same when active.

I actually had to run this past Link for confirmation as it hasn't come up before. Right now the answer is that the interaction is a little messy and traction control has priority over launch control. This means that you really would want to think about the setup carefully. For the best launch control you will need to set the traction control speed lockout above the speed you want the launch to disable at - ie the top of first gear. The downside is that you then have essentially no traction control active in normal driving any time you are below say 50-60 km/h.

Thanks for the reply Andre.i was thinking like you say use the ground speed launch control for the 1 gear and like you say traction control lock out above 60kph and rpm lock out like 6000 rpm .as whe have notice that around 5800rpm to 6000rpm will be on launch control. And this particular car will be shifting @ 8400rpm with a rev limit of 9000rpm . If I don't want the traction control to work in 4 and 5 gear the amount of slip need be set @0 in the table . Corect me if I am wrong.its going to be a Fwd drag race car setup with slicks.

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