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Link g4 + ecu

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Hello Andre got a question here about 0-5v wide band input on Link G4+ECU.

in the An volt when have lambda if you select that you have different option to choose from custom cal and also 3x wide band to choose from innovate lc1 ,Ngk afx wide band or Autronic 0-5v wideband .witch one of the 3 calibration is the most accurate or all 3x brand link calibration is good and i can thrust ,i have use sofar AEM wide band and a costume cal but have notice its still not what i want the afr on the log vs my dyno not exatcly the same .witch wide band you recommend and with a very accurate cal table.

The preset wideband calibrations are defined as per the manufacturers instructions for each of the units supported. Provided you haven't changed the calibration in the unit itself and your wiring is sound, this should be very accurate. If I'm using a wideband that isn't supported in the list I choose a custom calibration and set the calibration points to suit.

It's very easy with an analogue voltage input wideband to end up with a minor voltage offset that can affect the accuracy of the reading. For this reason it's always critical to make sure the 0V wire from the wideband is cleanly connected to a sensor 0V pin at the ECU. I also like to test the wideband reading against a known wideband like my dyno before I trust it 100%

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