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Link Knockblock vs Tuner Nerd v3 elite+

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Hi everyone hope you guys are doing okay ! As the title intents trying to decide between knockblock vs tuner nerd's knock monitor v3 variant. As of these 2 fits in my budget while the plex v3 is kinda a long shot away from acquiring for the time being. Would like to hear from you guys that used one of these and how did your experience went with it ? TIA

Hi Emir,

after testing both system i personally preferred the KnokBlock, why?

the tuner nerd is a good system but it takes longer to setup for each car, then u need X2 usb ports dedicated for it.

the Link system is much more simplified, and works great.

can't say anything bad about the TN system, just for me it's a hassle [=

if u are new to audio knock detection systems, go with the Link.

Hi Chen,

Appreciate your feedback. Well on the starting grounds yup i am new to the audio knock detections. Like you said my initial first go was the knockblock but then neat software monitor on the tuner nerd kinda drew me in to it considering the fuel we get is bull crap and the prices of the two devices they are very well within each other. I thought maybe a visual help could a bit more useful but end of the day they do the same thing. After your input kinda shifted to knockblock.

Well again appreciate you that you took time and explained it briefly hopefully you have a great day !

I personally use a Link Knockblock. Definitely worth the money. I was simply using it for the audio knock detection and nothing with a computer.

The V4 Tuner Nerd is vastly improved over the older V3.

The entire unit is self contained - record and playback of logs with sound into a touch screen unit.

No computer needed

Shielded wires. And export.

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