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locating me7 maps

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i am thinking to create a simple app for me 7 ecu editing. First thing i need is to locate the maps in the hex file.Maybe someone could tell me how maps are located or maybe someone has the adreses of the main maps which control spark ,air/fuel,boost. If someone has map addresses of another ecu than i may also create an app for that ecu. Thank you

Most people are using winols to locate maps in the raw hex file, however this does require a reasonably high level of knowledge of the way the ECU operates and how to work out what the specific maps do.

The real battle is to know which maps to change to make it do what you want it to do.

first you need to know how ME7 ecu's works,which maps need to be modified,bosch ecu rom contains a large amounts of maps.

usually we use winols.

Thanks for your tips.it would be a coding practice that has some value to me.if i decide to do this i will update on this thread

Please change the suffix name to .ols

this is a winols damos file, you can find out.

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Any progress, Simas? I thinking to discover my ME7.1 system and modify to making better performance, so your idea is very good

nope. i was considering this to be a project for my it bachelor degree, but it looked to difficult so i decided to switch to another project.

Ok. What interesting project, if could I ask :)

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