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Looking for a four channel EGT module, standalone with graphical Software, or CAN logging

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Recommendations for a four channel EGT module, standalone with graphing Software or CAN transmit to LINK Atom G4+

Thanks in advance


Probably the ECUmaster 8ch one is the most commonly used one I see with Link users, mostly due to its low cost. There is a CAN template for it in PC Link.

CANChecked have a range of 4-10ch, in addition to CAN coms, their’s also has wifi with a web server built in, mostly for config, but you can view temps in the browser if you want to use it without an ecu.

I have CAN templates for most other common ones, Haltech, Motec, Racegrade, PCS, Microtech etc, the exceptions are Fueltech and Emtron aren’t supported by G4+ as they have an unusual CAN format.

Hello Adam

Thanks for the Info.

How about Zeitronix, https://www.zeitronix.com/Products/KT-4/KT-4.shtml could you assist with the CAN template with this product as well?

Best regards


Stream file attached for the ZT4 (I had to put it in a .zip as this forum doesnt support the file type).

The default ZT4 bitrate is 500K and the ID is 75(dec), so your mode tab will look something like this:

On the streams tab, select an unused stream, click "load stream" and load the attached .lcs file. The frame setup should look like this:

Attached Files

Hello Adam

Following your advice, I have purchased the ECUmaster unit.

May I trouble you walk me through on how to set it up, alongside the existing LINK Lambda to CAN wideband controller?

Thank you in advance


I look forward to hearing how it goes Dom. I've been using the Racegrade TC8 or E888 depending on project, but I've enjoyed the ECUMaster PDM products and interested to see how the EGT module does.

The help page below should give enough info, sing out if you get stuck.

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