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Low idle on hot restart

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Hey I am having an issue with my car idling low on hot restart. The car has never stalled but it idles low for perhaps 30 seconds and then the closed loop idle brings the idle back up. Once I start driving and then come to idle it's all back to normal. What should I check in the link g4+ software to correct this? I can't see what my afr's are doing for that 30 seconds as the sensor is still heating up.


try switching on your ignition, allowing your sensor to heat up before starting, the only other (best) way would be to power it with an external source. you should still have data from your coolant and intake air temps to give you a clue what will need adjusted but it will likely be the post start enrichment for higher coolant temps

Thanks for your reply, I'll look into it

It sounds like you're suffering from a heat soak related issue which isn't uncommon. Often you'll need to increase the post start enrichment at the higher ECTs to help improve this. You could also increase the startup step in your idle speed control to help raise the initial idle speed. Are you using idle ignition control? This can also help correct any idle errors quickly.