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Lq9 coil settings

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Been looking everywhere for dwell settings and have found nothing useful. Can some one help me out?

Purely depends on your application. I've ran them on a 1100bhp 2JZ with a dwell between 2-2.5's with no issues. I know they can be ran all the way up to 5ms but usually there's no need

Well is there a way I should start and then make changes as needed?

Start with a dwell of 2ms, I've just seen your other thread and since its a 2JZ you'll be on the same page as me. 2ms on the 14v line of the table, less for more volts and more for lower voltage, there shouldn't be any need for more than 3ms even if you only had 9volts in the system

As chris said, around 3ms is fine. Do not go over 3.7 or so. While some of these will dwell to 5ms no problem, others have been known to auto discharge before they hit that, which is bad news if you understand how an engine/timing works ;)


3ms and under at 14v

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