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Ls1 2bar turbo no MIL error

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P59 no start after turbo installation

Advice required: p59 6.0 l suburban was running fine on 2 bar SD for months(before turbo put on).

Pulled off road and installed turbo with forward facing 1/78 primary headers and single t76 turbo , extended vehicle loom for front O2 sensors, top mount water to air Intercooler install and no start.

Truck fires instantly but dies. Found I now have no mil error for maf and the map sensor seems to be staying at 27kpa.

On starting it feels like a failed MAF as it fires but dies straight away and won’t respond to any throttle input.

Im suspicious of wiring either pinched or pulled on map circuit? As nothing has changed in the tune it’s highly likely that I have damaged a wire, or put pressure on loom or a plug to have suddenly caused an issue.

Has anyone else encountered no errors reported even though maf failed correctly causing ecu to not go into SD mode?

I tried a write entire with the running tune but no difference.

Alternatively Im thinking of trying to load a open loop maf only tune to see if it will isolate a map circuit problem

Any suggestions or advice appreciated

Hello, try sucking or blowing on the map sensor and the maf sensor to see the readings change in the software. the map sensor should be reading around 100kpa atmospheric (map)or 0 mgp when not running I am not sure on the numbers you will see in the maf sensor but blowing air through it should show a change in them,

Located issue, failed map sensor.

have 5volt reference feed from ecu with key on engine not running map unplugged, as soon as map sensor plugged in voltage drops to 1 volt. Running now in maf only tune to finish checking oil lines, coolant lines and making heat shields, new 2bar map sensor on its way

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