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LS1 '411 ecu spark cut limiter

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Hi there , I have been asked to do a 'spark cut' limiter for a customers vehicle , have never done this on the ls1 platform before , anyone know how this is done ?

Cheers Brad Roberts

Just Commodores Limited

New Zealand


That's generally not something you'll be able to achieve with the stock PCM by itself, if that's what you're working with.

Standalones can generally achieve this, or some use a piggyback system to provide spark cut with the stock ECU.

Whether that will suit your needs or not depends on under what conditions you want the cut to occur.

While not an endorsement, the LS crowd seems to like the WOTBOX from N2MB.

Keep in mind spark cut limiting can be rather violent especially on turbocharged applications, but may be required in some situations, i.e. nitrous fed engine that doesn't disable nitrous sufficiently prior to limiting.

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