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ls3 cobra tune

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hi all newbie here cobra replica ls3 running higgins ported heads, vcm719 cam, ls7 lifters. Cam set dot to dot which was as close as i could get to cam specs card. aeroflow 4 barrel throttle body (ls1 iac motor & tps) sitting on single plain edelbrock manifold. Stand alone ls1 new computer with liegfliger cam crank convertor back to ls1. Vehicle up & running. HP Tuners credits applied with basic ls3 tune. Have a iat reading to high when it gets hot? Is this adjustable in hp tuners?ive got tps idle setting at .4% & reading .53v. The iac step count down to 0 as motor warms up? Any help would be appreciated. Also after idle complete where to after that?

Thanks in advance Mick

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Hi Mick the iat temps don't seem to look out of the ordinary to what I would expect to see from inside an engine bay air cleaner on an ls engine

hi ross so as i dont have a maff sensor & ive got 1 bar map sensor do i need to download a 1 bar speed density patch & from where would i get a one? What did u think of the rest of the tune so far? Thanks Mick

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