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M1 Closed Loop Fuel Control 2JZ

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Been messing with the cloosed loop fueling, I have watched the webinar and read through the help files. Im just wondering if any of you have a good solid "Period" table to use. The o2 sensor is in the typical single turbo 2J place on top of the downpipe. I currently have the correction set to 50% and the period extemly small. It does the job but Id rather have it setup more optimally.


It is very easy to calibrate the period table.

Determine what engine speed is required for the mass-flow breakpoints in the table (unloaded, minimum throttle).

Hold the engine at that speed (minimum throttle is OK) on the dyno, or the road (if someone else is driving).

Change the Fuel Mixture Aim Main by about 10 % (ie, Lambda 1.0 to 0.90 or back). Change it back.

Pause the telemetry, and scroll back, and measure the time it took for the measured lambda to come close to change (say 90% of the way). Use the space bar-dual cursor to have the time displayed for you at the bottom of the screen. Enter that number in milliseconds into the period table for that mass flow.

Repeat for the next breakpoint/RPM.

You only need to do 3 or 4 points, then you can just follow the trend.

I suggest setting the correction to like 85 or 90% with the correct period.

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