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M50B20 wiring to link g4+ storm "blue box"

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Greetings all,

I am currently wiring a 6 cylinder m50b20 with 153624 firing order, to a link G4+ storm "blue one" what would be the best wiring for ignition, injection?

what is did is 153 to inj port 1 and 624 to inj port 2 and did put 2 ignitors to every three coils.

setup multiport with 1-2 INJ ports and 1/2 injection cycle.

Is there anything better to do? shall I use coils with built in ignitors I am currently using BMW 017 coils with 1 ignitor per 3 coils?

A friend of mine told me to go 2 injectors per channel and use coils with built in ignitors and use 3 channels as well in the following sequence:

port 1 : 1-6

port 2 : 2-5

port 3 : 3-4

Recommendations highly appreciated

The preferred way of setting the injection on this engine with a G4+ Storm would be to use 'Semi-Sequential Injection' as the fuel mode. In this mode the injectors are wired in pairs so you use injector drives 1-3. In your engine you'd wire cylinders 1 and 5 to Injector 1, 2 and 4 to Injector 2, and 3 and 6 to Injector 3. Note that this mode does require a Trig 2 input however that shouldn't be an issue to achieve with the M50B20.

With the ignition system I would use the existing coils and wire them to operate in waste spark. You can either use coils with internal ignitor modules or you can add a 6 channel ignitor module and use 'dumb' coils if you like. Internal ignitor coils simplify the wiring and complexity a bit. Here you would wire the coils in the order you've listed above and set the ignition mode to waste spark.

I hope this helps

Hello Andre,

Thank you for the feedback, could you please justify how would the ignition and injection be not in same sequence.

The injectors and coils are paired differently because of the phases or engine events that you are trying to best match.

For wasted spark ignition you must choose cylinders pairs that are exactly 360deg apart (since ignition timing is always referenced to TDC which happens every 360 or 720deg depending on how you look at it). With wasted spark you fire both coils every 360deg so the coil on one cylinder fires near TDC compression stroke and the other fires near TDC exhaust stroke.

With injector timing on the other hand, 360deg separation is not ideal - you dont want to squirt fuel in on one cylinder during the intake intake stroke and squirt in the other cylinder on exhaust stroke. So for semi-sequential injection the injectors still only fire once every 720deg. The idea is to pair the two cylinders that are firing closest to each other so that the injectors squirt as close as possible to the "ideal" timing - for instance somewhere around the time when the intake valve is open on both cylinders.

Great thanks alot I totally agree, but isnt the firing order 153642?

How would inj port 2 be for 2&4 instead of 3&6?

The ECU fires the injector drivers in the order that is input in your Firing order table.

So provided you have put "153624" in the firing order table and the ecu only has 4 injector drivers, then it will fire driver #1 first, driver #3 next, then finally driver #2.

A note from the PCLink help file might explain it better than me:

Thank you!

Does this mean that I need to setup this multimode injection along with 1 engine cycle and not 1/2 engine cycle right??

No. For semi-sequential you need trigger 1 & 2 (as the note above says - sufficient to determine engine position in 720 cycle) and the injection mode should be set to Sequential.

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