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MAF Tuning for Non-Ethanol Gasoline

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Hello, I have been tuning the AFR on my 2013 Camaro SS with the L99 engine since it has headers, intake and some other mods. Where I used to live, I could only get gasoline with 10% ethanol and have been tuning that way for the speed density and the MAF. The tune for the MAF was almost perfect until this last time.

Where I moved to just recently, I found 100% gasoline with no ethanol and decided on my last fill up to use that. I don’t know if that has any impact, but when I went to data log, the MAF was reading several percentages richer than ever before. My question is does switching to the pure gasoline from 10% ethanol mixture have an impact of the AFR and will I need to tune the MAF for it or is it something else that I need to resolve? Thank you for all your inputs.

if your maf is tuned you can just change the stoich ratio under fuel/general, i think the difference is about 4% so about 15.2 is your new stoich if you dont want to retune your maf.

As Fahad mentioned, the stoichiometric AFR changes between the two fuels. If you've been tuning on E10 with the stoichiometric AFR set to gasoline (14.68) then you're best to leave the stoich setting alone and instead just tweak the MAF calibration to get you back on track.

Thank you very much for the replies and the great advice. Is there any advantages to tuning either pure gas or the E10 in terms of power, timing, and reliability? When tuned, is one better than the other to use?

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