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MAP Sensors, Is one better than another?

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I currently have an AEM 5 Bar sensor that I feel might be on it way out. I was planning on getting another 5 bar sensor. However, I wanted to see if an AEM stainless steel housing MAP sensor (the more accurate of the two) would be the best choice to go with, or if I should look at another brand. I've heard the Omni MAP sensors are junk, so I wanted to see what the consensus on the AEM's are.

AEM sells pressure sensors with a stainless steel housing as well as cheaper ones with a brass housing. The cheaper ones are OK for something like a boost gauge where the engine longevity isn't depending on the sensor's accuracy or reliability. We recommend to only use the stainless steel ones for engine management or measuring fluids like oil pressure or coolant pressure or fuel pressure where a leak could be dangerous. If you're experiencing problems with sensor longevity, try to soft-mount them to avoid vibration.

I had the Omni map sensor. Was mounted off the intake and above so should have worked, but under vacuum was randomly in different cells. Swaped to a Ti and problem didn't come back.

I've been running an Omni 4 bar MAP sensor on our 86 for about 4 years now and have had no concerns with it at all. Can't speak for other omnni sensors but this one has been perfect. I've also used the stainless AME sensor on our 350Z with perfect results. As Scott has mentioned above, I'd use the quality stainless sensor for mission critical inputs.

Excellent, thank you for the responses gents.

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