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Good day Andre. My car is mechanical loud and is reading alot of knkck. I am not sure what the noise is but it sounds like inside the block. Its a wrx sti EJ207 with manley forge internals. How can I tune safely with this problem? I believe its fake knock because no matter how much timing I pull out I still see knock. I even see knock when I blip the throttle from idle to about 2500 RPM

From what you're saying, I suspect it is a mechanical problem, rather than a tuning one.

Can you post a clip of it making this noise?


You may have piston slap noise while cold but should be a lot quiter when at operating temp.

Check your knock sensor gain config in ECU, maybe its too high or frequency is misconfigured. Check your noise threshold as well.

Post your knock settings and a log where we can see engine noise and knock sensor voltage across rpm.

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