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Hi all , i have a curious starting issue with a YB Cosworth , it takes approx 3 to attempts to start from cold , sometimes partially firing and occasionally it kicks back like the timing is to far advanced , then the next turn it will fire and idle prefectly . My question is this the runtime values show the voltage on cranking drop below 10 volts 9.7 - 9.8 ish , this is on a fully charged battery. Could this be the issue.

Thanks in advance


Hi Keith, from your mention of "runtimes" I'm assuming this is a link ecu?

If so our Ecus will still function down to 7 volts so it not likely a problem to the ECU but low cranking voltage usually means low cranking speed so it could certainly cause starting issues.

9.8v is lower than I would typically see on a car like this so it suggests either battery, cables, or starter is not in great shape. A slow cranking engine can cause timing scatter so that may explain your kickback issue.

If you do have a Link ECU and want further help diagnosing feel free to get in touch; tech@linkecu.com

Hi Adam , thanks for the reply , its a brand new starter with hd pos cable and negative with all good connections etc , i think i have cured it by dropping the arming threshold at 0 and 1000rpm , it seems much better so far today , yes it is link ecu and i love the software it has amazing features and capabilities .

cheers keith

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