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Is misfire essentially an ignition cut (and vise versa)?

If you were to intentionally make a car misfire can it be used to replace an ignition cut?

For example either over advancing timing completely to cause a misfire

or a safer alternative, using the Direct Injection on the Subaru BRZ to inject fuel at the same time the spark is fired, causing a misfire.

Is this essentially the same as an ignition cut?


I guess, but why?

I hope you mean retarding - unless you want expensive engine damage - again, I guess so, but why?

Maybe, but why?


An ignition cut is just that, the ignition is cut and the spark pluds don't ignite the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder.

Because these cars do not come with ignition cut from factory.

So I thought maybe using misfire to replace ignition cut

to be used for antilag, two step, etc...

Ah, I think you may be confusing two things - an "ignition cut" is used as an engine speed limiter.

What I think you're referring to is the popular but, IMO, stup fashion for using a "two step" setup to cause backfires and exhaust flames and explosions? There is a related trick for having flames on the over-run, when slowing down. A simple ignition cut to limit rpm will give some of the affect, though.

There are several threads and tutorials referring to this, the more common methods will use a mixture of very retarded ignition timing, sometimes over fuelling and ignition cuts to limit the rpm, if required. The aim being to load the exhaust with unburned fuel and air which is burned in the exhaust rather than the engine.

It can be quite spectacular, especially at night, but there are some hazards in doing it, too - perhaps the biggest is that this will result in the exhaust getting MUCH hotter than the makers of the vehicle intended and this can melt parts of the vehicle close to the exhaust, sometimes even ignite parts of the vehicle and burn it to the ground - there are many videos on YT showing just this! Related to that is if a short/cut off exhaust is used - where the gases go will greatly heat up the area and there is at least one instance you can see on YT where a dump pipe was directed at the ground, but the gases were reflected (bounced) back from the ground onto the underside of the vehicle and actually set it on fire.