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Mit evo 9

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Hello guys i would like to share this .or first street legal event . I had the chance to tune and drive a customer Mit evo9 on Link plug in ecu .car have some bolt ons the engine with factory internals.my biggest challange was tuning this car on the streets and track because of no awd dyno on the island.the first hit was a 12 .71et at 2.15 60ft and 115mph.next eliminition round .a much better 60ft and a better shifting car did a new PB of 11.75et ay 122mph.

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Nice man! Really awesome of the owner to let you get behind the wheel too. Green with envy over here!

Any room for improvment on the new PB? If so what sort of time do you think you can get out of the car?

Hello Taz thanks looking at the 60ft time we can improve the et but can really tell for how much .customer goal is a mid 10sec but that will be with a build engine and new tune on e85 and more boost.

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