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Motec dash screen tuning

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Any good tips for tuning motec data loggers never tried to tune one before, will need to tune one soon so any tips or ideas on how to tune them?


That's an incredibly broad question and nobody is going to be able to give you too many answers without some more specific questions. I'd suggest starting out by getting familiar with the software and reading through the manual. Once you've had the chance to use one and try setting it up, come back and ask the specific questions you're struggling with and I'll try to help you out.

My Tips:

-- Start working your way across the menus from left to right -- start with the inputs and communications -- then onto calculations, functions and display.

-- When setting up the screen -- start with the warmup page, and using the bottom lines put all the sensors directly connected to the system so that the 'mechanic' can scroll through to see that everything is working. The warmup page is for the mechanic. If I have brake pressure sensors then I show the brake bias when the brakes are pressed (I usually override the battery voltage I show in the upper right numeric).

-- Set up the Practice & Race Pages for the driver. As a road racing driver, one of the fields that helps me the most is 'minimum corner speed' -- this is setup under Calculations (either Running Min/Max or Speed Min/Max). I usually have that on the left side, and the most recent lap time on the right side. Use the bottom lines for values the driver may want to look for (temps, pressures, lambda?), but leave out sensors that are used for analysis (TPS, Steering, Brake Pressure). Race pages should always have some way of counting laps (I use the upper right numeric on ADL-type displays)

-- Be sure to setup alarms for critical "stop the car" situations like low oil pressure, high coolant temp, low battery voltage, etc.

There are lots of clever programming tricks with the shift lights (brake locks-up, brake pressure thresholds). Also, setting up a timer for session time helps the driver know how much time remains in a session.

What dash model do you have, and what type of racing? Is there anything specific you always wanted to know while driving?

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