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MoTeC JRR Question

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Hey guys,

I'll getting a MoTeC M170 for the build I'm working on and planned on going with the JRR package. I read that this offers cruise control. I'm wondering what all inputs are required to function properly or if he does this in any unique way.

Right now I'll have a few buttons on my steering wheel and am sure can program on of those as a long hold to engage, I'm more concerned on the disengage side. Right now do not have a clutch switch, but I do have a brake switch I could tap into.

Thanks for any input.



You can select the inputs. Minimum would be on/off, set buttons, brake switch, and valid vehicle speed (not failed over to GPS).

Hey Mike,

Thank you Sir!!

You will need.

Switches - On/Off, Set/Resume, Cancel, Accel, Decel.

Brake State

Clutch State (if manual)

Vehicle Speed

Hey BlackRex,

Thanks for the reply. I'm taking a look at the MoTeC 6 Button Rotary CAN Keypad at the moment to get the extra buttons, plus this will give a bit more functionality to the car.


Having a look at the JRR Packages, he doesn't have support for the Rotary keypad in them. Which specific Package are you looking at using?

I'm looking at the JRR Universal Motorsports.

Just checked it, and that Package does not have support for the Rotary Controller.

Thanks for checking for me, I'll scratch that off my list.

Bit of an update here. I sent a note to JRR as I wanted to dig into this a bit as I had indication I could use this.

Since I am running a C127 as well as a M170, the MoTeC Rotary Controller actually interacts with the C127 and the positions and commands are then shared across to the M170 and I can control things using it.

One clarification note I have asked is if the Rotary Controller has to be on its own CAN Network (CAN2) to the C127 or if it can be on the main CAN bus.

Just looked a bit closer at the data sheet and sure enough its on CAN2.

Also, looking at the wiring diagram it simply has a single 100 ohm resistor across the CAN Hi and Low at the display logger end. I think I'll start another thread in the wiring section discussing this new detail I found here. Wondering how close it needs to be to the logger or if its just somewhere on the CAN Bus.

If it is within 500mm then you can get away with a single terminating resistor on a direct device to device bus, if there are branches or its over 500mm, then you need to have a terminating resistor at each end of the trunk.

Thanks for the additional info on that, it definitely will be over 500mm, so I'll plan on splicing in another 120 ohm resistor closer to the key pad.

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