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Motec M800 strange problem

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Hi ,

I have a problem with a M800 ecu Gold box ecu running an Impreza which triggers cylinder 1+3 injectors when the engine is not running and throttle is opened past 90%

If I disconnect 1+3 injector it triggers 2+4 ,Ive disconnected every sensor other than the throttle position sensor and it still has the problem.

The injectors tick once as the throttle position shows 90 %

Tested with a scope which shows a a ground switching at 90 %

File attached ,havent tried to start yet as the engines a new build withe 1200cc injectors

Thanks Dave

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If you don't want this behavior, make sure Adjust->Fuel->Compensations->Stopped Injection is set to 0. This table defines how much fuel (% of IJPU) is injected when the Throttle Position exceeds 90% while the engine is stopped. Intended for a wall-wetting priming pulse. I've never needed this.

Thanks for the response , its strange that it only triggers cyl 1+3 (right hand bank ) unless 1 + 3 are disconnected then cyl 2 + 4 (left hand bank ) are triggered

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