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i have several questions in regards with motec pdm15, i have received a car from a customer to tune, the car was already tuned on motec m150 which is supported by a pdm15. So my question is, is there a way to find at which addresses was the outputs set on the pdm even if its locked by the pervious tuner?

also if i am getting fuel pump status ( on voltage ) and the ecu keeps on shutting down the fuel pump after several minutes after engine is running, what could be the issue? ( already checked the pump wires and increased the pump threshold up to 5 volts in the ecu, but still getting the same error )

I would expect documentation on anything with a "locked" tune. Why don't you ask?

You haven't provided enough info to diagnose the fuel pump problem. Is the car configured for more than one pump? Are there any other errors at the time the fuel pump turns off (ie, a safety shutdown could cause the pump to stop if the engine speed is limited enough to stall the engine). A log file would let us look for those type of issues.

I recently looked at the "fuel pump" diagnostic status issue "On Voltage" for a customer, and while this diagnostic state is true, it does not affect the operation of the pump output.

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