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Multi DBW throttles

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Is there anyone who has used multiple throttles for torque modulation for racing on a turbo car?

in dreaming, i was thinking you could pretty easily add a second DBW throttle body with a different throttle map mounted pre turbo to keep the turbo going with the throttle at the inlet manifold wide open but reduce air to control torque output by essentially restricting the airflow pre-turbo...

Are you saying that because your racing class requires inlet restriction?

Interesting concept however I think that in reality it may not work that effectively. In particular I'd expect there to be some amount of latency in the system if you're throttling the turbo intake before the engine torque actually begins to fall away which could be scary when you go to jump on the brakes. Then there is the consideration of what that will do to the turbo - If it is running at a specific boost pressure and hence shaft speed and then you restrict the intake this is going to have the effect of momentarily increasing the pressure ratio dramatically which could result in the turbo surging.

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