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Mustang AWD-500 Dyno - Operational Question

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We have a mustang dyno and are looking to load the engine up for a split second before we start the pull. So, if we were performing a full sweep with the Power Curve Test function and had our RPM start window set at 1500rpm and engine was at 1000rpm, we would open the throttle, the dyno would hold the engine at the current rpm for 1 second and then release and let the rpms climb until the RPM stop setpoint was reached.

Does anyone know how to do this on this dyno? I reached out to Mustang and they're saying we can't do it, but I find that really hard to believe. We do it on other dynos.

Sorry Jason, the Mustang dyno is one that I've never used before so I can't comment on the operating procedure unfortunately.

I've spent more time with Mustang dyno's than with other types, although I wouldn't consider myself an expert. As far as I know their software will let you hold RPM (Constant MPH Test), or do loaded sweeps (Power Curve Test). I haven't seen any way to do what you're describing, and to be honest I never quite understood why other dyno's hold RPM before a sweep. You can change the Vehicle Weight setting for the Power Curve Test if you want to slow the RPM sweep rate so there is more load on the engine. You can also do a driving simulation mode (not power curve test), and set the incline to higher values like to simulate climbing a 6% grade hill.

Thank you Andre and Scott.


Just shoot me a text next time. It's Jason from Bend Calibration;)

I checked with a colleague who uses Mustang dynos and he also confirmed they don't operate like our Mainline dyno with a settle time prior to the ramp run starting. Hi suggestion was to use the constant speed mode to settle the car before swapping to a power curve test.

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