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My frist Methanol injection tune

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Finished tuning my 2015 EVO X on the dyno. I am boosting 27 PSI on the stock turbo. Attached is the dyno sheet.

Road tune I had

Power 330

Torque 332

Advanced the timing 3 degrees on the dyno

Power 351

Torque 347

Attached Files

Good job doing your first tune!

I imagine there is alot more in it tho? Id expect alot more then 350hp with 27psi on Meth? or is the turbo tiny and way out of its efficientcy zone with that much boost?

Thank you. Yes the turbo is tiny. The most I have seen on the stock turbo is 370. I probably could have added a little more timing at lower end and leaned out he AFRs a little more. But I don't think that is worth 15 hp.

Good work Justin! I'm glad to hear you're getting some results! Must be about time to fit a larger turbo and aim for 400 whp now ;)

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