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Need help 6.0ls gmc sierra 2500

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Went to flash a pedal and p/e tune into this truck with hp tuners the tune failed and now it wont crank or do anything anyone have a and sugesstions or input on how to fix this pretty embarrasing was teying to help a friend out. Thanks in advance

I don't have any personal experience with your specific application but i have had multiple similar issues when flashing OEM vehicles with INCA.

It could be the case the ECU is stuck in the bootloader and a battery reset might recover it. If not it will potentially need a forced reflash by either by applying a CAN transmit frequency procedure through the OBD if HPTuners can facilitate that or by bench flashing to circumvent the gateway module.

Ok thank you im gun shy now it took me several hours but i didnt get the stock tune to flash into it and to fixed it and i let my friend have his truck back sorry bud i cant tune it

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