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Need so serious Help with my tune with HP tuners and installing new injector data

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OK so here is the situation,

I had purchased a set of Deka 80lbs injectors for my build. no data was supplied. No having chased the data all over the net and in the HP tuners forums and so on with little to no success, I finally got some data but its GM data and don't know if this will also work for the GPEC2 Dodge platform, the Hold points or breakpoints are so vastly different to the stock tune and I cant alter my breakpoints to suit. At my whits end so any help or advice would be really appreciated thanks guys

What engine, what vehicle, what modifications? Why did you buy those injectors in the first place?

Realistically if you're tuning a GM vehicle then you need the right data to have any real chance of getting a perfect result. The way GM characterise the injector data is very thorough and you've got limited chance of being able to fudge all the relevant tables and getting a perfect result. As we cover in the Practical Reflash worked examples using HP Tuners, it's really important to make sure you're purchasing injectors with proper data in the GM format. Personally I use Injector Dynamics but there are other options.

In your case the only thing you could do is scale the injector flow rate tables relative to the difference between the stock injector size and your new ones. This leaves significant holes in the required data since you've got zero chance of getting the injector offset data correct. Understand that yes, you can fudge the data and then bake the inevitable errors into other parts of your tune but you need to understand that the result you will achieve is unlikely to be perfect.

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