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Nissan 350z oscillating rpm, first startup.

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Hi there,

This is a crosspost with the link forum.

I switched ECU from Haltech to a Link 4G+ on a previous car of mine. Car ran fine with the exception of oscillating rpm's during idle. Never found the time to fix it . Now i have another car, also a Nissan 350z with a new build on it, and using the same Link ECU. I created a new map which currently is still bare but just enough to start up. Right after startup i see the same oscillating coming back. Maybe you guy's know whats going on? I have the assumption that the idle base position table is not holding the right values.

Another question which just popped up: for this car i'm using a fuel pressure regulator which is connected to MAP. Can i use traditional fuel equation? im trying to figure out which works best for me. Coming from Haltech where i have to input the fuel pressure and tell the ECU its a MAP referenced fuel pressure. I hope you can advice me?

Kind regards!

attached the map and log file.

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