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nitrous back fire

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hi guys

what is the cause of a nitrous back fire through the intake and what would be the solution?


Is it running wasted spark ignition?

Nitrous usually means high component temperatures, there could be something staying hot enough to light the intake stroke.

Are you running colder plugs to suit?

Have the heads/pistons had sharp edges broken?

correct me if i am wrong (never used nitrous much), but cant an inlet backfire be created by using to much nitrous at low engine speeds? effectively there isn't enough air velocity to get all the nitrous into the chamber so you end up with nitrous in the inlet.

i was under the impression this is why engines running large shots (500+) have burst panels to prevent manifold destruction?

this is a topic I’ve been searching around and just remembered I’m a member here.

as Josh was saying, is that correct ?

If so, a dual stage nitrous be ideal? Ie 75hp shot and then another 75hp shot at high rpm ie 150hp in total?

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