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Hello, I am a newbie to tuning and I am trying to get my car started but cant. I have an aem infinity on a b series and all was well before change in my ecu from stock to standalone. All my sensors are connected and working it looks like, car cranks but nothing happens, im getting fuel from injectors and tested spark, all good, fuel press 55. Double checked mechanical timing. I am using the b16 calibration but i have b18 turbo setup, but id imagine even with that calibration upon startup the engine would at least want to start. kinda lost, I would really appreciate any help if anyone cares to look at my datalog. thank you :))

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A very common problem is having the engine 360 degrees out, if using sequencial timing and injection - before getting into more detail, try adding/subtracting 360 to the base timing?

hmm i did an offset of 360, no change.

My ignition timing should be synced, I was able to use a timing light while cranking and got it lined up. still lost

Ok, you've got spark, and you've got fuel, so that would suggest there's a problem with their timing - but might be something else. Also, apologies if this is "granny - eggs".

To clarify, I meant adding or subtracting 360 from the offset, rather than setting it to that - not sure if wires crossed.

The offset being between the ECU having it's start point (usually the gap) and the true TDC. If you haven't done so, set the timing advance to zero degrees in the ECU software (there may be a setting for this), and then crank the engine with plugs out and charged battery (fastest cranking) and adjust the offset until the timing light is on zero. This is the datum point the ECU will work from.

Go back to the ECU timing and add, say, 10 degrees and check the timing light is showing 10 degrees advance. This should be a good starting point.

Replace the spark plugs, reconnect the injectors and try starting the engine - if there's nothing, add 360 if offset is less than 360 initially, and try again.

I'm more of a carb' and points, "old school" chap - hopefully someone with more experience with that ECU can help further.

As Gord mentioned, you could potentially being 360 degrees off on timing, which results in the timing light showing on time, but providing spark on the wrong stroke. There are many other potential causes of a no start condition.

Have you verified all sensors are reading sane values?

It could be something as simple as the MAP, TPS, or Baro reading is way off and causing fuel to be massively miscalculated.

Is the tune set up for the injectors and fuel pressure you're running?

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