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O2 Sensor position/location/exhaust stream

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Are there any parameters in location for an O2 sensor, other than the angle one to keep moisture out of the tip? I have a relatively tight install area and see some sensors angled from the rear to the front about 30 degrees, I also see some remote sensor adapters that are "L" shaped that puts the sensor parallel to the exhaust tube (Think some of the Jeep guys are using this)

How much of the tip needs to be in the exhaust stream. Is there sensor lag if it is installed into a remote chamber? what are the rules to play by


Often the sensor location will be driven by where you can physically fit it and provided you keep the sensor above horizontal and you're at least near to the collector then you should be fine. If the sensor is mounted a long way from the exhaust port then you can end up with problems with latency, particularly at idle and low load where exhaust gas velocity is low. Most of the sensor weld bungs locate the sensor so that the tip is protruding slightly into the exhaust flow. I've fitted extended bungs however in the individual headers pre turbo where the sensor tip is essentially flush with the header and has no protrusion. These still seem to provide a perfectly adequate signal.

The l shaped adaptors are used for factory rear O2 sensors that are usually post cat. If you remove the cat and just put the secondary sensor into the exhaust then you end up with DTC's for catalyst efficiency.

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