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I know cars like gtr, evos, subarus, gt86, ls, ford and other have readily available tuning softwares to tune them.

However other platforms seem to be reserved to a few 'chosen' companies / individuals. Example is VW, Audi, Porsche, BMW and many others. How do this people get access to the software? Surely they aren't all electronic engineers and reverse engineering the ECUs?!

So how do you get that software / access? I would like to play with some modern BMWs for example and I see a lot of mail order tunes going around but no info on how they got them.

This seems to be the toughest market to get into. Anyone has experience with them and might want to share?





The above will get enable you to flash maps on OEM ECU's. However though, files must be purchased from someone reputable (ie. the company in the links above), yes they do do reverse engineering.

If you need full access to all EEPROM data, the BDM100 is a choice:


But in order to find out which map is what, you will most likely have to purchase the libraries, a index which deciphers what data range in the read only memory is responsible for the maps of interest.

Thanks a lot.

The first link looks good. Have you had any experience with their Flashbooster? Apparently they allow you to do your own maps.

Not a lot of info on their website.


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