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Over fueling

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I have an EJ207 cold start problem. While Cranking it seems to be injecting far too much fuel like pouring out the exhaust too much. Fuel system is dash 8 main line from 380lph pump inbuilt serge tank with direct feeds to all four injectors and no fuel rails (returnless) 2200cc five0 injectors... previously had it running breifly at 80psi fuel pressure, any lower and it won't fire at all. engine won't start because it is flooding the cylinders.. Have decreased cranking fuel injector pulse width at 5-15 degrees C and cranking fuel compensation all set to zero and set injector flow scale to 2200cc still huge amounts of fuel being injected. Any ideas what to do thanks?.

What is the afr during starting?

thats setups seems like way to much fuel , even at very low duty

i would lower the fuel pressure just to try it to start.

2200cc and 80psi just sounds impossible to me.

Perhaps your issue is atomization, the extra fuel pressure is needed to get the injector to do more than just pour the fuel into the intake. Has it always been this way (ie, a system design/tuning problem), or is this new (so an injector could be clogged). Now does your ECU handling starting? -- is there separate fuel table? Does this table know about the larger injectors? What does the fuel table look like in the area where the cranking is happening (often this is at a very high manifold pressure, and just needs to be made lean at 250 RPM (or whatever your cranking speed is).

@ David, fuel tables are stock factory settings at the moment, I haven't adjusted anything besides what I mentioned in my first post cranking pulse width and fuel compensation tables.. Stock 2001 wrx ecu. It is an entirely new setup. Injectors are clean and the spray pattern is a semi fine mist but the fuel coming out of them is similar to what you'd see on a 10,000hp funny car v8, copious amounts of fuel. Will have a look at the other fuel tables and see what they are.

@Nigel, unsure of actual afr as I cannot run the engine yet but the target ratios are where I think they should be.

Sounds like you need to use even less cranking pulse width -- and probably remove & clean/dry the spark plugs between failed start attempts.

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