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Pdm unit in a road/track car

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hi, I’m looking for abit more in depth information about pdm units, I’m building my evo 6 for sprint/track days but also need to use it on the road, now I was wondering is the pdm unit worth going for as I want a tidy engine bay and interior with minimalistic wiring etc but still maintain all fucnctions to be road legal! Any info on best units etc I would be grateful! Blair

I think they are worth it if your budget allows. You have a lot more control and configurability over more traditional fuses and relays. Like you say, you can also dramatically reduce your wiring loom size and complexity.

You can use maths and logic channels to drive clever strategies, auto retry/reset trips etc too - the list is almost endless.

Whats the budget? Ill be running a Cosworth IPS32 in my car, but they are one of the more expensive units, however the power and flexibility also backs that up.

Thanks for the quick reply rob, yeah what information I have read so far they seem to be the way to go, budget is probably about £1200/£1500. Just want it to have the best possible chance of been reliable and the best it can be! The amount of wiring and fuse boxes in a evo are crazy just want to reduce that all for a nice clean look and reliability. Is there suppliers in the uk for a decent pdm?

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