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Hi Andre,

I'm quoting your response from the old forum as i'm chasing a part number for the unbranded coils you are speaking of.

Thanks :)

"Hey Bellotech,

We have seen great results from the AEM high energy inductive coils. These are available from AEM, but are also available as a generic ‘non-branded’ product. They use an internal ignitor and are capable of supporting high boost on E85 and methanol fuel without the need for a CDI."

From the user name I'm guessing you've put an RB in an S-body?

Have a Google search for Mojo Performance, they've recently started making their kit fit RB engines, they use LQ9 could from an LS2 truck. Testing has shown them to kick out 40kV. To put it in perspective your standard 2JZ ignitor and coil set-up kicks out 20 kV and cdi ignition is normally around 50kV. I've personally used the kit on an 1100bhp Supra with a dwell time of 2ms, these coils have been known to run happily up at 5.5 ms.

Another coil people are testing are the Toyota 1zz coils and also the VAG red coils which are used on the Audi RS6's, R8's and VW Golfs.

RBS14, are you talking about that one:


If so, you can find them under the name "IGN-1A" and they are actualy made by Mercury Marine.

you can get them here:



You can also get the LQ9 and 1ZZ coils here:


Chris you are correct, rb30 in an s14. (on q16 I tuned it to 730whp on the stock bottom end with arp rod bolts and acl bearings only).

Thanks for the links to the coils, I actually run LS coils on my setup.

I asked about the pencil coils as I was looking for a SMART pencil coil, similar to a CBR cdi coil. The 1ZZ coil looks like a good option.


Actually all of them (IGN-1A, LQ9 and 1ZZ) are "smart" coil.

But if you are looking for pencil coil only, yeah the 1ZZ might be the "best" option. You can also use 1nz/2nz coils, basicly the same as the 1zz, just a different look

Just be aware of their limitation. For exemple don't try over extended dwell, they will heat and fail.

Dwell as determined by Motec for the 1zz coil:

8V 6.3 ms

9V 5.3 ms

10V 4.4 ms

11V 3.8 ms

12V 3.2 ms

13V 2.7 ms

14V 2.4 ms

15V 2.2 ms

Is it a coil on plug kit that your after?

If so the Mojo Performance, not Mono that my auto-correct left me with earlier, is a COP layout

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