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people's thought's on an apexi power fc ecu and datalogit

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Hi eveyone

I'm new to tuning/mapping and was wondering what people's thought's on the apexi ecu and datalogit are, for someone that has never mapped anything before? what pro's and con's do these ecu's have and how easy are they to use? As I'm thinking of buying one so I can map/tune my own car.

Thanks Dan

Hi Dan,

I use Datalogit to tune Power FCs all the time. It is still a strong ECU choice in the UK. For a starter it's a good ECU to start with, the base map will get the car up and running, it monitors knock pretty well itself (that's no excuse for not using after market monitoring) you can wire a wideband into it and add that to your datalogs.

If you need a hand just drop me a line as we're in the same time zone at least


Thanks for the reply Chris.

I have been looking into them for a while now and I thought they would be a good ecu to start with but I just wanted other people's thought's on them that have used them. I've still got a lot to learn and look into I think before I start tuning but when I do I will keep you in mind as I think I will need some help and advice.

I was just wondering what wideband and knock equipment do you use or recommend?

Thanks Dan

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