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Phormula motorsport knock monitoring

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Hi everyone

Has anyone had experience with Phormula motorsport knock monitoring analyser KS-4? plex is out of my budget

Tuner nerd is also an option anyone had experience with that unit?




I have not used the KS-4 specifically but I have used the Knock Analyzer Pro in the past for dyno work, it was incredibly simple to use and reliable but it relies on you hearing the knock and adjusting the timing yourself, the KS-4 is more sophisticated, the 0-5v out and LED driver could be very useful for a vehicle installation. http://phormula.com/KnockAnalyserPro.aspx

The Tunernerd package does appear to have more functionality however I have no experience with the company, hopefully someone else on here can shed some light.

I worked with I believe the KS-2 once on the dyno (it was the old one without display) and it was very simple and did a great job helping me listening to knock. I don't use any other functionalities though but it was as helpful as my Plex Knock Monitor V2.

I have a ks4 and there headphone setup. Both nice units. The plex is better. But at at cost.

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