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Please help 911 have three issues tuning in vems

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First we have a tps signal everything is great it calibrated just fine... But I have zero movement on my tpsdot signal so I can't tune any AE it's not liking mapdot or rpm based... Second, overrun fuel cut is not working correctly any value below 5500 with a threshold of a thousand and Kpa of 25.... If I set these numbers any lower it fuel cuts at 3500 unless I go below that then it just cuts at the rpm I have set... I know my setting I've tried would put it that way. Third how in the world do I tune for a fan kicking on it's really making my idle in tune able is there a comp for that on vems......ps the first two really seem to be soft where or firmware issues I've got control issues to trying to adjust the setting that are in the boxes under ae too I have to drag the scale around. Please help the owner is coming to pick it up in a few days

like the vems group on facebook. a bunch of guys can help you out with the software. https://www.facebook.com/groups/vemsusers/

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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