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Please revise my injector settings RX7 injector settings

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can please someone check my fuel/injector settings from my RX7 FD?(attached screenshots)

I received the data(attached screenshots) from Adaptronic support 2 years ago and have now transferred it to my Haltech Elite 2000.

Flow is 1D and deadtimes in 2D. Fuel pressure is monitored by a sensor, if I understood correctly, the pulse widths are calculated automatically in VE mode using the Inj.Diff.Press.

My VE Table is very bumpy and I think it can be caused by this settings.

best regards


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Without knowing anything more about your injectors, it looks like you've got everything pretty well dialled in as it should be. If you're running a manifold pressure referenced FPR then normally you'd use a 2D dead time table with just voltage as the axis. A 3D table is normally used with a returnless fuel system where the differential pressure is constantly changing with changing manifold pressure. Your fuel pressure 'should' be relatively constant.

Is the bumpiness in your VE table an aspect of the injector staging or is a separate issue?

Sorry Andre, I forgot to mention that it are the mazda rx7 fd factory injectors.

I'm running a aeromotive stealth 340 fuelpump with upgraded powersupply, but the Injector Fuel Pressure sometimes (not everytime) drops while in boost area to 280 kPa(while 336kPa is targeted), so I used the 3D table to compensate it. (a plot of this from MLV is attached to this post. kPa of Fuelpressure has to be divided by 10 in the log).

I had assumed that the bumps in the VE table might be caused by my setting of the injectors, maybe by wrong dead times.

best regards


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You need to figure out why your pressure is dropping.

Yes I need, but it isn't that easy. Maybe one of you has a idea what can be wrong.

This is what I've done:

Replaced Fuelpump with a Aeromotive Stealth 340.

I Changed the fuelpump wiring, so the power isn't running trough the Ign Switch anymore.

I removed the pump speed Relay.

I ultrasonic cleaned injectors.

I installed a turbosmart Fuelpressure regulator.

The fuelfilter is 5.000 kms old.

Any Ideas what can be wrong with this setup?

What source are you using for the manifold pressure reference?

I seriously doubt it could be a problem with the stock injectors still in place, but what size are the factory fuel lines on an FD?

It'd be worth getting under there and having a good trace of the fuel lines to make sure nothing it kinked anywhere.

Hi Zac,

Reference is taken from one of two nipples on the upper intake manifold that are facing to the right hand side of the car.

If I'm right the lines have a inner diameter of 8 mms. Thats about the same as the Turbosmart has with it's 3 1/8 NPT Ports.

So I think a bigger return line would be restricted by the 1/8 NPT Ports of the FPR?

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